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The Capital Sports Injury Center is pleased to announce we are the Washington DC area’s only Vortex Training Center. The Vortex training system is enjoyed in facilities spanning the globe ranging from small to large fitness clubs, personal training studios, Olympic Training Centers, Sports training centers, Universities, The US military, MMA, judo, karate and boxing studios, physical therapy & rehab centers, and now exclusively in the Washington Dc metro area at the Capital Sports Injury Center in Silver Spring Maryland.

How it all started

In 1989, Bob Piane, inventor of the Vortex units, watched his then 84-year-old grandfather, Sam Piane, turn his own life around by strength training on a unique cable machine in Bob’s personal training studio. Sam tried the fixed movement machines. “These don’t fit me. They hurt”, he said. Then he saw the cables and sent Bob out of the room to create his own exercises. Sam was an engineer and quite headstrong. After 30 minutes he called Bob back in and showed him the routine he made. It was simple. One exercise simulated lifting grocery bags (Sam still drove and liked shopping for his large family). Another he explained, was to help Grand Mom, who “was getting fat” out of the car during long trips to California. “This is getting you Grand Mom’s fat ass out of the car” he said. And the third was simulating picking up his then 35 lb niece up over his head. “I used to do this when you were little. I want to do it gain”. He did so 16 weeks later. When the positive changes came so quickly for his Grand Father and he saw the joy on his face and confidence in himself revived, Bob knew he had witnessed something special. So he designed his new strength training units, the attachments, and even the patent pending resistance system to bring this “fountain of youth” to seniors worldwide.

Watch the following videos to see all the different uses of the Vortex Training System:

Therapists and rehab specialists agree. Only Vortex has the one tool that does it all in a small space. With a patented “Grab-n-Train” ergonomically designed, ADA compliant (wheelchair accessible), 360-degree environment, coupled with Vortex’s patent-pending specialized attachments, therapy is more easily delivered for practically any condition … complete and unmatched.

Vortex offers older individuals a safer training environment where they can work towards feeling their best. As therapists and trainers around the world learn the techniques for leveraging this one-of-a-kind tool, hundreds of seniors are regaining their strength, stability, independence and regaining youthfulness and personal confidence they had not felt in years.

Many physical therapy patients are confined to a wheelchair, which previously impaired their ability to strength train their body so that they may develop more independence. However, there has been a recent breakthrough in wheelchair strength training, introduced by Vortex Fitness Equipment, the makers of a one-station, total-body functional training system. The wheelchair patient can now stay at one station, and with the multiple angles provided by Vortex, exercise multiple body parts.

Personal training will never be the same again. With the Vortex Training System, you have limitless choices of exercises and training methods. If you want to lose weight, be able to lift your children or grandchildren, be ready for the beach, or just get healthy, then the Vortex is for you!

Circuit training on one machine! By simply switching attachments, you can complete a circuit in 8-12 minutes. No more moving from machine to machine - use the Vortex

More power. More endurance. More sport specific training. More acceleration. More strength. More victories. It’s no wonder that many top trainers from around the world have turned to Vortex Sports Training units for faster, safer and better results than ever before. Vortex units provide comprehensive training for all sports in an amazingly small area—the same amount of space that is required for an Olympic Bench Press unit!

And for the Ladies...

Tim Sylvia started training on our Vortex unit with the exclusive Vortex Power Belts and the patent pending Xcellerator Power System along with some more top fighters at the Champion Fitness Center in Iowa, where Pat Miletich's Martial Arts HQ is located. At least that is the intention of John Sharoian, their current strength an conditioning coach who will be working with Tim Nicola, another premier trainer who will be developing MMA Vortex training programs along with John.

Kevin Gendron, another top Sports Trainer used his Vortex unit with the Xcellerator System to train Travis Simms after a 2 year layoff to regain his title as Super Welter Weight Champ of the WBA. And there are others training in fight centers around the world...

...If the opponents thought they got hit hard before...Those with out a Vortex better look out. These guys mean serious business.