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ReDESIGN in 90 Weight Management

ReDESIGN in 90 is the most effective weight management
system because it addresses all issues in weight loss
and weight maintenance.

AC Shake: The AC Shake helps control appetite. It contains ingredients that support healthy metabolism and blood sugar levels, while maintaining lean muscle mass.

AC Complex - Food Cravings: AC Complex provides clinically effective amounts of ingredients that help with blood sugar and metabolism.

Tea Green - Immune System Function:
Tegreen 97 is a green tea extract high in antioxidant polyphenols to protect our cells and DNA.

Cortitrol - Cortisol Release: Cortitrol helps manage stress by reducing cortisol (the stress hormone) levels and preventing immune system suppression.

AgeLOC Vitality - Energy: AgeLOC Vitality targets the sources of age-related vitality loss and provides physical energy, mental clarity and helps control cravings.

Enter the ReDESIGN in 90 Weight Management
challenge and for every pound lost & recorded on your
daily tracker, Nu Skin will feed one child for one day!

Contact: Jason Schreiber