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If you have pain, call us for an appointment immediately! "The longer pain goes on, the more susceptible it is to other influences and developing into a chronic pain problem. These influences include such things as the ongoing pain signal input to the nervous system without tissue damage, lack of exercise (physical deconditioning), a person's thoughts about the pain, as well as emotional states such as depression and anxiety." This language comes directly from the International Classification of Disease definition of chronic pain.

If you've "just pulled a muscle" remember that this tissue is torn and is never the same. The "healing" is really the formation of a different type of collagen tissue that needs to be treated with ART or Graston and then strengthened as it is weaker and more fibrous than the original tissue. A little damage control now will prevent a big problem later.

Let us know how you do! 301-622-9000. Forward this to friends and family so they do not get hurt!

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