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Pain Relief in a Patch….PainMaster Patches

Silver Spring Chiropractor, Dr. Steven Horwitz, has introduced the PainMaster patch to Capital Sports Injury Center’s growing number of treatment modalities. The PainMaster patch use microcurrent therapy, a painless electrical current you barely even feel, to relieve pain and enhance healing. Microcurrent therapy works by radically increasing the production of ATP in the body. ATP is the “dynamic reservoir of energy in our body”1 and is necessary for both nerve transmission and muscle contraction and relaxation.

Production of ATP “allows the body to perform whatever healing process it has undertaken in an accelerated fashion. It may even allow one to get over the proverbial "hump" that was unachievable, due to insufficient ATP concentrations to perform the changes needed.”1

Some common uses of microcurrent include: acute and chronic pain, swelling, TMJ dysfunctions, post-operative care, sports injuries, and arthritis. It is safe to use with children.

The problem with microcurrent therapy is that it is most effective when used throughout the day, i.e. with patches attached to a stimulation device that one wears 24 hours per day. This was quite inconvenient until now.

PainMaster patches are simply that, just patches without the need for the stimulation device. The patches emit the correct frequency and can be worn up to 10 days!

This patch is approved as a Class II medical device by the FDA for prescription use only.

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