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NFL players are you looking for injury rehab, injury care, strength and conditioning training during the lockout? Capital Sports Injury Center, located in Silver Spring Maryland, is in the heart of the National Capital area and provides treatment for NFL players for nagging injuries, post-surgical rehab and injury prevention (Functional Movement Screen).

To Dr. Horwitz,
Thanks for getting my body back. Great work!
Renaldo Wynn, Defensive End

Listen to what Lament Jordan has to say:

Dr. Steven Horwitz, 1996 US Olympic Team Chiropractor and Washingtonian Magazine Top Expert in Sports Medicine, has 25 years of football injury care experience and is certified in:

Active Release Techniques
Graston Technique
Functional Movement Screen
Kinesio Taping
Dry Needling
Sports Nutrition
Titleist Performance Institute Certified
HKC Kettlebell Instructor
USA Track and Field Level 1

Capital Sports Injury Center in Silver Spring Maryland can not only treat your injuries, but can train you to be ready to play. Our National Strength and Conditioning Association certified strength and conditioning specialists use free weights (we have a 1000 lbs of free weights, Olympic bars and bumper plates, heavy dumbells), kettlebells, weight sled, clubbells, power rope, sledge hammers, tires to flip, Vortex, foam rollers and medicine balls. We use the Functional Movement Screen and focus on all aspects of training like speed, power, strength, mobility, flexibility, and balance.

NFL players - please call or email Capital Sports Injury Center today!