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Dr. Horwitz is available to lecture on many topics. Below is a sample of the educational programs he has presented:

1. Back on Track: a powerpoint presentation covering statistics concerning back pain and disability; anatomy and function of the spine; proper techniques for bending, lifting, standing, sitting; special stretching and strengthening exercises to reduce physical stress; and injury recognition, treatment and prevention.

2. Sitting on the Job: a powerpoint presentation covering spinal anatomy and function, ergonomics of the workplace, proper seating and special stretching and strengthening exercises to reduce physical stress.

3. How to Start and Stay with an Exercise Program: a powerpoint presentation covering all aspects of fitness - goal setting, pre-exercise physical examination, consistency, warm-up/cool down, aerobic exercise, strength training, stretching, injury care and prevention and nutrition as it relates to fitness. Based on Dr. Horwitz's book You CAN Be Fit!

4. Sports Injuries: a powerpoint presentation which gives an overview of sports injury recognition, care and prevention. Lectures on specific sports injuries can be tailored to the desired sport.

5. Sports Nutrition: a powerpoint presentation which reviews protein, fat, carbohydrate and caloric needs of the athlete. Proper hydration is covered in detail as this is a glaring area of poor information and can diminish performance dramatically. A overview of commonly used ergogenic (performance enhancing) aids can be given if desired.

6. Anabolic Steroids: a powerpoint presentation eaturing Dr. Horwitz's ROID RAP which details what steroids are, how they work and all their side-effects. This lecture is designed to give students a full understanding of steroids and why they are extremely dangerous.

7. Weight Training: a powerpoint presentation reviewing all aspects of weight training including program design and proper form. This program can be geared to a specific sport and age group.

8. Weight Training Injuries: a powerpoint presentation detailing all types of weight training injuries, how to care for them and how to prevent them.

9. Olympic Sports Medicine: a powerpoint presentation detailing my experience at the 1996 Summer Olympic Games.

10. Motivational lectures on how to take charge of your own health care and decrease stress can be designed for specific audiences.

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