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Silver Spring chiropractor Dr.Steven Horwitz is the first Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified chiropractor in Montgomery County, Maryland.

See a short video from the Titleist Sports Performance Institute about the TPI screening procedure and why it is so critical to your game. CLICK HERE!

The Titleist Performance Institute is “an accumulation of the last 11 years of research studying the greatest golfers in the world and seeing how their bodies affect their golf swing.” The TPI screening process is a full physical evaluation on your body and on your golf swing. The results of the screening process are used to design a program of exercises which will allow you to both play better and feel better by developing your body-swing connection.

Due to the research on the biomechanics of the golf swing has there has been an overwhelming commitment to fitness by the professional golfer. The understanding of the importance the body plays in the execution of an effective golf swing is now available to the amateur player. Thus, golf fitness is now a component of any golf swing improvement program.

The Titleist Performance Institute physical screening process measures “your ability to generate and transfer speed and determine the most efficient energy transfer throughout your body.” This allows Silver Spring chiropractor Dr. Steven Horwitz to isolate your physical limitations and show you they correlate to your swing technique. We can then show you how to eliminate those limitations and how that will directly correlate to improved golf performance.

Ultimately, the goal of this process is to “match your swing technique with your physical attributes to help you build a more repeatable and efficient golf swing.”

Call Capital Sports Injury Center today to schedule your Titleist Performance Institute screening and learn to play better and feel better! 301-622-9000.

The best equipment you can invest in is yourself!