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Ergonomic Gardening (Gardening Ergonomics)

Gardening Ergonomics = learning proper body mechanics to effectively use tools that fit the job and the person doing the job.

General Posture

Whether it is gardening, lifting the groceries, cleaning house, chopping wood, or just sitting at your desk, ergonomics starts with good posture. The design of a tool or workstation means nothing without instructing the person on the proper posture to maintain while using the tool or workstation. Proper posture and movement mechanics will help you conserve energy, avoid fatigue and prevent injury. If your posture and movement mechanics are incorrect, an ergonomically designed product will not provide you with the desired effect of injury prevention. For example, if you purchase a chair that fits your body like a glove, but sit on its edge with your shoulders rounded and head forward, the ergonomic design of your chair does you no good. It is extremely important to understand that a dangerous position or lift may "appear" or "feel" acceptable to someone until an injury has occurred.

Proper standing posture

Here are eight steps in assuming a balanced standing position:

Proper bending and lifting posture

Proper sitting position

Preparation for Gardening: The Warm-up

You wouldn't play basketball or softball without warming up, so why would you garden without warming up. Gardening is a very physical activity requiring use of the entire body. Proper preparation is the next facet in injury prevention. Spend 10 minutes doing a warm up.

Gardening Ergonomics: Neck

Gardening Ergonomics: Back

Gardening Ergonomics: Knees

Gardening Ergonomics: Shoulders

Gardening Ergonomics: Elbows

Gardening Ergonomics: Wrists (Grip)

Gardening Ergonomics: Gloves

Gardening Ergonomics: Tools

Gardening Ergonomics: General Tips

Gardening Injury Prevention and Exercise Program
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Get Going For Gardening DVD
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Dr. Horwitz is available to lecture or provide ergonomic consultation to groups. Call us at 301-622-9000 to schedule.