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How is our training different?

Many of our clients pursued traditional medical care, physical therapy care, or personal training and found they were not achieving full function and a reduction in pain. At the time many of them became clients of Capital Sports Injury Center, they had experienced a degradation of their condition and did not know where to turn for help. Read Fitness Guru Horwitz Shares His Wisdom.

The human body must be free of restrictions and free of imbalances PRIOR to training, fitness, and sports competition! Therefore, ALL our clients undergo a detailed postural and Functional Movement Assessment in an effort to pinpoint structural and functional imbalances. Your customized corrective exercise program will correct any aches, pains, joint dysfunctions, muscular imbalances, and postural-distortion patterns you may be experiencing. To read more about the Functional Movement Screen, click here. Read about our newest exercise therapy Kettlebell Rehab.



Check Out What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

"I want to thank you both for providing me with a therapeutic exercise program that has transformed my exercise routine and targeted a key source of my ongoing lower back problems. I am a firm believer of physical therapy for recovery from muscle injury, but have felt something was lacking from the routine providers of PT given the repeated recurrences I was having.

After nearly ten years of recurring episodes of paraspinal muscle strain and subsequent back muscle spasms, I believe you have put me on the path to recovery. I was impressed from the very beginning at your diagnostic acumen in recognizing the confounding factors of other muscle groups and vulnerabilities, and in devising a personalized program targeting the relevant core muscle groups, and bringing me along at a very favorable pace.

Your knowledge of body form and function, mechanics, motion, strength training, and first-hand experience in competitive weighlifting combine to move from the very simple and basic such as methods to correct posture, to stretch and strengthen muscles, and the emphasis on conditioning muscles to enable the proper squat mechanics are elements that have contributed enormously.

Your program is inherently logical. To me this exemplifies the best combination of first-hand experience and effective communication to a) eliminate bad exercise or movement patterns; b) add targeted exercise and movement patterns; and c) build strength and flexibility to address core problems. My decision to apply myself to your program of therapeutic exercise is one of the best I have made in recent memory.

Thanks for doing what you do."


Dennis M. Dixon, Ph.D.

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