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Movement Patterns -
And What All “The Fuzz” Is About

I would like to talk to you about a phrase you hear a lot in the office: “movement patterns.” What do we mean by movement patterns? Think about the things you do every day – how you sit at your desk, how you sleep, how you carry things – how you do what you do. All those activities involve movement patterns.

Most actions and activities we do emphasize repetition, whether it’s repetitious posture or a repetitious movement or action. Over time, the muscles of the body begin to adapt by changing the balance between muscles. This muscular balance is important because that’s how the joints of your body move properly. So when muscle balance suffers, so do the body’s joints. But the body is extremely intelligent – it is going to find a way for you to move in order for you to accomplish what you want/need to. So when your body finds a new (and improper) movement pattern that gets the job done, it becomes more habitual. That’s right – your body forms a bad habit! Unfortunately, this bad habit can stay around for a LONG time (even after you no longer have pain)! So it is true what they say: “Pain is the last thing to show up and the first thing to leave.” It may not take long for pain to go away, but if the faulty movement patterns are not addressed and corrected, pain will become a much more frequent (and annoying) visitor.

How do we help treat faulty movement patterns? By attacking them from multiple points! First we treat any muscular adhesions with techniques like Active Release Technique (ART) or Graston Technique. Wait, wait, wait…adhesions? What are adhesions? Watch this video –

- The “fuzz” is what we’re breaking up with ART and Graston. Not only do we treat adhesions in the office, but we show you how to use a foam roller, The Stick, a ball, and mobility exercises to keep the “fuzz” out of your life! Along with soft tissue techniques, we go to work breaking that bad habit by re-training your body to use proper movement patterns. We re-train the body by re-training the muscles with exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles that need it. Also, we address the body’s need for proper nutrition and supplementation (which we will cover in a separate article!)