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How Medicare Works

We are non-participating providers with Medicare.

In a participating provider’s office, you pay the provider your co-payment (about $10.00 depending on the service provided) and then Medicare pays the provider the remainder of the fee.

In our office, you pay us the full fee and receive the remainder of the fee from Medicare.

The bottom line is that your out of pocket expense for the office visit is about the same….. around $10.00 per visit (2011).

Our office will submit your claims to Medicare for you. You do not have to submit any claims on your own.

If you have secondary (supplemental) insurance, please call them to see if and how much they will pay. If you have secondary insurance, this will lower your out of pocket expense.

· Medicare automatically sends your claim to your secondary insurance. You do not need to submit a claim to your secondary insurance.

Initial visit fee: Medicare requires the doctor to perform an initial examination, make a diagnosis, and write a treatment plan. However, Medicare will not cover the fee for the initial examination.

Medicare has an online system. Go to and create a user name and password. You will be able to access all your medical and chiropractic claims from this site.

For more information about Medicare and Chiropractic Care, see Does Medicare Cover Chiropractic Services?