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Good Health v. Pain Free

"With the scientific medical revolution of the twentieth century, many of the formerly used, age old types of treatment were discarded in the wake of powerful, modern drugs. These drugs however have not fulfilled their promise of magical cures. Their use has been limited by severe life-threatening side effects." For example, forty-one thousand hospitalizations and 3300 deaths each year are due to gastro-intestinal bleeding from non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen (Motrin, Nuprin), aspirin and naprosyn (Aleve). "Many of these drugs do not heal people of their ills, instead they only temporarily (but quickly) remove all symptoms of disease." Another example is the cortisone shot, which destroys soft tissue (ligaments, tendons, cartilage) and prevents proper healing from occurring. "But this symptomatic relief in no way means an alleviation of disease. To the contrary, the disease is pushed further in and quietly but inexorablely moved forward destroying more and more of a person's health.

Furthermore, it is in this symptomatic relief that the greatest danger of all exists, that of the loss of patient self-responsibility. With the instantaneous relief offered by the modern [drugs], no longer do people need to worry about what they eat or drink, or how much they abuse their bodies or how much exercise, if any, they need to do. Nor is there any motivation to clean up dangerous lifestyles and change unhealthy habits. There's always a little white or red or yellow pill that will magically make all problems go away." At a lecture I attended, a Bulgarian strength coach said, "You Americans, you have the best food available to you, yet you eat the worst!"

"Slowly, however, people are beginning to understand the problems with our "quick-fix" attitude toward health and disease. They realize that they are not getting better despite the pills and their temporary relief of headaches, stomachaches, gas, and constipation. They still feel tired all the time. They huff and puff after walking up a flight of stairs. They get depressed before their periods. They still have cramps every month. They still get chest pains. They're not standing as tall as in the past. And it's not only small problems either. They have an attack of kidney stones. They get cirrhosis and liver failure. They have a heart attack or a stroke out of the blue. They get cancer."

In order to "get healthy" the cause of the problem must be discovered and addressed. This is what we do in chiropractic. The cause of the problem is treated and exercise rehabilitation and nutritional support is used to enhance the healing process. Staying healthy is a commitment you must make: monthly chiropractic adjustments, regular exercise, and eating properly all the time.

Quotations from Your Guide to Standardized Herbal Products by Flynn