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Golfer's Warm-Up

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Golfers often do not realize the potential for injury and need to warm up before teeing off. You wouldn't start your car, shift into drive, and step on the gas without warming up the engine first (at least you shouldn't, if you want to get the most out of your investment). Yet many people dive head first into an exercise routine without giving their body a chance to warm up. Even worse, how many of you get out of the car, take a few practice swings and make your way to the first tee. Warming up and cooling down are necessary parts of an exercise program and a round of golf. Both are key factors in both performance and injury prevention.

The terms warm-up and stretching are thrown around interchangeably when discussing what to do before a round of golf or starting to exercise. They are BOTH part of Preparation. Preparation is a term used to describe a variety of activities that prepare the body and mind for physical exertion. The first reason for preparation is to warm up; that means elevating your body temperature one to two degrees above normal. As a result, muscles and tendons become more lubricated and elastic allowing for more efficient contraction. A general warm-up, which can be as simple a three- to five-minute walk, is done first. Then, movements that simulate the activity you are about to perform provide a more specific warm-up. Stretching can be part of this warm-up activity. I prefer active or dynamic stretching prior to activity and static stretching as part of a cool down.

The second reason for proper preparation has to do with the nervous system. You must remember that the only way muscles can work is for the brain to send signals to the muscles via the spinal cord and for the muscles to provide feedback back to the brain. This process can and must be "warmed-up" as well. Almost all sports require coordinated, fast, powerful movements that put great stress on the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. Think of this part of preparation as installing a racing computer chip in your car. No professional golfer would take his/her first drive without proper preparation!

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