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DEL-IMMUNE: Immediate Immune System Support

How Del-Immune Works

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Russian Cold-War Era Probiotic Immune Biotechnology
Gaining Physician Fans

A cold-war era Soviet doctor and scientist, General Vsevolod Ogarkov, had no idea the fruits of his bio-warfare research program would be used by 21st century American doctors and patients for immune system support and to beat winter colds and flu.

Thirty years later, a Colorado pharmacist has found his retirement has taken unexpected directions as a result of Ogarkov's research program.

During the 1970s, Ogarkov's researchers were studying lactobacillus bacteria, which made sense to the Russians, as these bacteria are found in traditional Eastern European foods such as yogurt. Called "probiotics" in current market jargon, the researchers believed these natural bacteria held a key to jump-starting the human immune system. By "lysing," or processing the cells into pieces, the Russians designed a product to protect the Soviet army from bio-warfare agents such as anthrax.

After his 1998 retirement, business associates introduced pharmacist John Sichel to the Russian product, called "Preparate." When he discovered the cell-wall fragment powder eliminated his daughter's hepatitis C symptoms in 1999, Sichel shared it with friends, who reported relief from everything from chronic coughs to chemotherapy and radiation side-effects. Many said cold and flu symptoms disappeared in four to 24 hours.

The details of the story read like a Michael Crichton novel, but the short version is that Sichel began marketing the product as a nutritional supplement in 2002, moving manufacturing from St. Petersberg, Russia to Indianapolis, Ind. His company, Pure Research Products, now has a customer base of over 15,000. Sichel has done virtually no advertising – business has grown via word-of-mouth out of his Boulder basement. The product has fans, including medical doctors, in all 50 states and in 10 countries.

"I find this product of significant value for treating patients with chronic disease, where someone has been ill for a period of time with infectious agents and micro-organisms. It has a restorative effect on the immune system after damage from malnutrition, stress and infection," said Dr. Roger Mazlen of Roslyn, N.Y. Dr. Mazlen added that he has used the product in over 500 patients with no contra-indications or side effects.

New studies on the American-made product confirm the Russian researchers' findings. Research shows that the lysed lactobacillus cell fragments increase levels of immune activity, specifically natural interferons – important keys to immune function. The research also shows significant increases in tumor necrosis factor (TNF), and natural killer (NK cells).

"If you had told me 10 years ago this would happen, I wouldn't have believed it," Sichel said. With his "big pharma" background from marketing Valium in the 1960s, Sichel added that reported results are more in-line with a drug than a nutritional supplement.

Other doctors are giving the product, called "Del-Immune V," to patients. "This product is consistently safe, effective and has no side effects," said Dr. Elin Ritchie of Taos, N.M. Ritchie added that teachers are its biggest fans, reporting a significant reduction in winter cold and flu bouts.

"We often see liver and stomach problems in chemotherapy and radiation patients," said Dr. Lee Rienierts of Melville, Western Australia. "On Del-Immune V, many of those problems clear up." Dr. Reinierts, also a biochemist and geneticist, added that he regards the product as a highly effective immune booster.

Your Immune System

The immune system is the body's protection mechanism that helps the body defend itself from germs, infectious agents and other foreign substances in the environment. This mechanism encompasses many layers of defense, including physical barriers such as the skin, protective chemical substances in the blood and tissues, and the physiological reactions of tissues to injury or infection.

Comprised of many different parts that work together, the immune system sometimes has one part that may fail. Failure or a slow response can allow an infection like the flu to get started, permit the start of a cancer or allow an infection such as West Nile to invade the body after a bite from an infected mosquito.

The effects of Del-Immune V™ on the body

Basically, Del-immune V™ activates a switch in the immune system that in turn quickly starts the protective system against infectious and foreign invaders.

Proteins and other components important to the immune system are manufactured within the healthy lactobacillus cells used to make Del-Immune V™. But these important proteins, complex sugars and other structures exist on the inside of the cell so they are not visible to the immune system.

When the cell walls are fractured, the immune-activating proteins are available to do their job. This fracturing process is called "lysing." Original Russian research conducted in the 1980s demonstrated the proteins and other components in the cell wall "activate and excite" an important switch in our immune system.

This switch is called a cytokine, which is more specifically identified as IFN a. This cytokine acts as a messenger to Interleukin I and VI. These are like "superhighways" into the immune system, and they stimulate essential T cells, B cells, NK cells and other systems. These are important white cells that protect against or eliminate infections. Interleukin I protects internal bodily systems that are wet (i.e. lungs, throat, nose, kidneys). Interleukin VI is anti-inflammatory and helps in building bone.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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